Silicone Roof System

Silicone Roof System

Silicone roofing is one of the most popular systems on the market today. It is a great alternative to a roof replacement, It has a lot of the same benefits of a reroof with the same warranty as most roofing systems at a fraction of the cost.

Designed To Reflect The Sun’s Heat & UV Rays, Suitable For Use In All Climates Especially Extreme Tropical Environments, Which Are Exposed To Some Of The Hottest & Wettest Weather With Intense UV Exposure, Specially Designed To Maintain Maximum Reflectivity Of Heat & UV Rays As It Ages, Creates A Very Aggressive Chemical Bond With The Roof, Which Provides Permanent Ponding Water Resistance, Extreme Durability, & Superior Capabilities Of Sealing & Protection.

We at ABC specialize in silicone roof systems and would be glad to schedule a free estimate for installing a silicone roof system. Give us a call today!

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