Metal Roof Systems

Metal Roof Systems

Metal roofing is one of the most common commercial roof systems. It comes in either standing seam or corrugated.

Standing seam metal roof

Standing seam metal roofing is a specific type of concealed fastener metal roof panel. This means that the panels interlock using a clamping system instead of relying on screws to hold everything together.

Corrugated metal roof

Corrugated metal roofing is a metal sheet that is roll formed into metal panels. These panels are then attached to the roof with screws. Corrugated metal is an exposed fastener panel, meaning each fastener is visible on the panel’s surface. The traditional shape of corrugated sheet metal is round and wavy

Issues with your metal roof?

Sometimes issues and leaks occur due to age, wear and tear, lack of maintenance, or even storm damage.

We at ABC are trained professionals in metal roofing and can help you with the repairs needed not only to stop the current issues, but prevent future issues from occurring and extend the lifespan of your current roof. Call us today to schedule a free estimate!

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